How do group fitness instructors make money?

Some facilities pay group instructors an hourly rate. Other instructors can earn a flat rate per class. Group instructors can also be paid per person (a flat rate for each customer attending their group fitness class). There are many great group fitness instructors who have full-time careers and teach fitness outside of working hours or on weekends.

Group fitness instructors organize and direct group exercise classes, which may include aerobic exercise, stretching, or muscle conditioning. Some classes are scheduled with music. In these classes, instructors can select music and choreograph a sequence of exercises. They may lead classes that use specific exercise equipment, such as exercise bikes.

Certainly, most group fitness instructors would likely give their jobs a high rating when it comes to providing personal satisfaction and making a positive contribution to society. Melissa Layne, assistant college professor, group fitness instructor, and CEC provider in the Atlanta area, offers her own experience as an example for group fitness instructors considering becoming continuing education providers. The operator paid for 90 of its instructors to undergo Les Mills Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) training to improve their skills and improve the quality of Village's overall group fitness offering. She is certified by ACE and is a member of the ACE Board of Directors, a master trainer of SPRI products and creator of numerous fitness DVDs, including Prevention Fitness Systems.

An educational, intimate and unique event to enlighten, strengthen and advance fitness professionals of all levels, the ACE Fitness Symposium returns to sunny San Diego Nov. 3-6 Amanda Vogel, MA, is a fitness professional and owner of Active Voice, a writing, editing and consulting for fitness professionals. However, if you're looking for ways to supplement your group fitness income, a good first step is to take a look at other fitness-related areas to supplement what you already do. Companies are preparing to offer on-site fitness programs, such as lunchtime fitness classes and on-site personal training.

This is considerably lower than the average hourly rate charged by personal trainers, and even lower when you consider the time of travel, preparation and preparation. Group fitness instructors should also invest in teaching their classes without additional payment. Few in fitness would say that great group fitness instructors don't deserve better pay, but finding the budget to reward them remains a major headache for health clubs. Many centers offer almost as much variety as larger health clubs, including fun classes such as kickboxing, yoga, boot camp, aquatic exercises, and classes aimed at older adults or children.

Fitness professionals have the power to make or break a member's gym experience, and a single rockstar group fitness instructor can attract hundreds of loyal fans to a club each week, resulting in substantial additional membership income.

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