How long should a pt session be?

While two or three visits in a week may seem like a lot, especially if you just suffered an injury or have had surgery, it's important to understand why regular visits are necessary. Make sure your sessions are evenly spaced throughout the week so that your muscles have a chance to rest. The most common session duration for personal training is 1 hour, this is due to several factors. For starters, many PTs believe that one hour is enough to complete a full workout.

Many people can leave after just one personal training session and continue training on their own. Although each person's training session will be designed with them in mind, in general, most sessions will include a warm-up and cooldown. Good news, my friend, I have been training people in London for more than ten years, and I have recommended different session lengths to clients based on their goals, financial circumstances and availability, so I understand quite well the pros and cons of each one. While you may be familiar with the most obvious ways to make money as a personal trainer (selling and completing personal training sessions, etc.), you may not know that there are many ways to do it.

One hour is the standard and most popular time for a personal training session for beginners or experienced. Let's get to the point, no matter how amazing your sessions are and no matter how qualified you are, if you can't get people to buy your sessions, you'll fail as a personal trainer. Although your first personal training session may include a brief workout, you'll likely spend your time talking to your coach so that the two of you can get to know each other. A one-hour session sounds great on paper, but you have to wait a long time and not train.

You should leave a training session with the feeling that you have learned some valuable tips and techniques from your coach that you can benefit from time and time again. However, exercise injuries are common among older people, and some doctors recommend booking at least one session with a personal trainer to learn proper techniques before exercising with weights or other gym equipment. Of course, you can create a fitness plan yourself, but you know that there are additional benefits that come with personal training sessions. Personal training sessions can be a key ingredient in helping you meet your personal fitness goals, as well as getting the general health guidance and support you want.

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