Is it hard to find a job as a personal trainer?

Tell them that you've just started and that you want to learn everything you can. Getting into the fitness industry isn't as difficult as you might think. Yes, you need to have the right knowledge and, at least, personal experience, but professional experience is not always required. Full-time employment in most fields is usually 40 hours per week.

In many large gyms, full-time personal training is considered 30 hours a week. Why? Because personal training is HARD WORK. With most 9-5 jobs, people could work 50 percent of the time. As a personal trainer, you work 100 percent of the time.

When you have a customer, you are ON. There are no tired or lazy days. You can't show up and act “meh”. When you're with a customer, you can't just stop and check social media or go to the water cooler and talk to your co-workers.

You are the fitness expert and your job is to motivate and inspire; and your client is by your side all the time. There are no breaks except when you don't have a customer, in which case you don't get paid. What makes it difficult to become a personal trainer is the initial moment to qualify and build your brand. Personal trainers need to spend a lot of time experimenting in the gym to gain knowledge.

They must also put the necessary effort into promoting themselves to be successful. In the fitness landscape, there are many personal trainer jobs available, but many of them will require a series of years of excellent results and continuing education to earn you more money and status within the company. People who become coaches and stay as personal trainers for long careers DON'T do it for money; they do it out of passion. If you have limited experience working as a personal trainer, talk about past jobs and how they relate to personal training.

Personal Development Life Coach Training Accredited Life Coach Certification and Life Coach Directory for Level 2 Graduates. It's best to get a personal training certification, but after that you should be able to get your first job with no experience. However, to be honest, the stress that comes from needing to sell personal training every month pales in comparison to the stress your customers will put on you every day. This is a really appropriate question because most personal trainers have seen that most larger gyms, such as Lifetime Fitness, Equinox, YMCA, and Gold's Gym, almost always require trainer certification (s) to be considered for a personal trainer role.

During an interview, offer suggestions for increasing personal training sessions if you know of one that works safely. They make their customers sweat one by one, they don't accept excuses, and they also give personalized dietary advice. For a very large percentage of the clients of most personal trainers, the fitness results they want are to look and feel better. This is a booming profession today that can be rewarding both financially and personally because no one decides to become a personal trainer overnight without having experienced the numerous growth opportunities that exercise can generate.

In reality, it's not very difficult to get a personal training job, but it's harder to get the right personal training job and then grow in it for decades.

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