Should i pay for a workout plan?

As I mentioned before, not having a plan can and will lead to burnout. Sure, you might be tired of exercising or you're not feeling the gym for a few days, but if you keep going you'll see results. A well-structured training plan will help prevent burnout because it should change every few weeks. This week, our expert discusses when to follow a training plan and when to change it.

For those who are more intermediate lifters, you should consider changing your program as soon as your muscles begin to adapt to a certain training style. The typical roof that I like to use with my clients is 6 to 8 weeks. When you notice a significant plateau of strength or a lack of physical results, it's a good time to consider changing the program. Have your program change emphasize the weaknesses of the program you are leaving.

If you've routinely switched from one program to another, make sure to take a week off between each program to give your muscles and nerves a chance to get a guaranteed full recovery before entering something new. It could be as simple as taking a full week off from any type of exercise. In the long run, your body will thank you. Whatever the program, remember to eat according to it.

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