Why do so many personal trainers quit?

I stopped being a personal trainer for three simple reasons: money, disappointment and professional progress. These are the same reasons that thousands of personal trainers have also left the industry. They can't make enough money, lose faith in what they're doing, and they no longer see it as a long-term career. I really think the main reason there is approx.

The truth is that Alex is exhausted, “by the industry, and wants to quit smoking. Starting off badly with your landlord, I did a good job and focused on keeping what I had. Little by little my reputation and interest grew. I had earned a good reputation from someone who would help you, communicate with you on a regular basis (not just when asking for money or confirming the time of a session) and someone who would go the extra mile when it came to birthday cards, interest in social activities, or organizing social events.

Misunderstanding marketing techniques customers with unrealistic expectations. It should be called a fitness concierge service instead of PERSONAL trainers if they are just accompanying people around the gym chatting about the weather. And, since then, I have helped hundreds of coaches do the same by breaking the mold of the “status quo” trajectory of the typically unsustainable running in the fitness field. So what's going on? Why are personal trainers and fitness instructors leaving the industry? As with any question of this type, the reasons are plentiful.

Nobody wants to be the dream killer, and it can be disappointing for a coach to realize that their clients are more focused on a single event than on the lifestyle changes the coach wants to inspire.

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